Once Homeless, Local Leader Now Helps Others

ronald_giddingsWhen Fort Myers Code Enforcement Officer Ronald Giddings sees a homeless person, he sees so much more than a person who is down on his luck – he sees someone’s son, maybe a spouse or father, perhaps a former soldier. Inspired by faith, family and the joy of helping others, Giddings has made it his personal goal to help as many homeless individuals as he can in his role as a code enforcement officer for the City of Fort Myers.

“As I try to prepare myself for what to expect, I can only harken back to my family’s days of homelessness, and reflect on the sadness and embarrassment this experience brings,” Giddings explained. “The joy of helping others is rewarding. A simple word or deed can make a difference in someone’s day or life.”

Giddings’ previous experiences with homelessness have inspired him to make a difference in his community. Now, as a code enforcement officer, he regularly visits local homeless camps and does whatever he can to help those in need. Whether it’s providing some food or bringing clean clothes, he is well aware that every little bit can make an important difference.

A dedicated public servant, Giddings recognizes that the upcoming Local Works Day, being celebrated by local government employees around the state on Oct. 3, is a great opportunity to showcase how residents and visitors alike benefit from public servants.

Throughout his years of experience, Giddings has formed countless rewarding memories, and helping members of his community has been the foundation for all of them. When helping the homeless, he maintains a focus on providing quality customer service. Some days are tougher than others, but when looking at the bigger picture he knows he’s making a difference.

“I feel the most compelling benefit and tribute to our city is the quality and professionalism of our employees. With so many things being modified or taken away, they don’t waiver in their desire to provide quality and consistent service to the community,” Giddings said proudly.