Issue: Overbilling Local Communities

Background: A few years ago, the Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) began overbilling local taxpayers for juvenile detention costs. This was a bureaucratic mistake, not a change in the law. The result: Florida’s local communities were forced to overpay millions for juvenile detention costs.

How It Impacts Florida: Overbilling Florida’s local communities led to needless legal disputes, causing Floridians to question the commonsense of their government in Tallahassee and the reliability of the agencies that are supposed to serve their interests.

How It Impacts Local Communities: Over the years, the DJJ has overbilled local communities by millions of dollars—limiting their ability to fund local parks, roads, law enforcement and more. Fortunately, Florida’s House of Representatives has already put forth a plan to return $140 million and laid the groundwork for a sensible compromise.

How to Speak Out: Hit the button up top or click here to contact Governor Rick Scott. Tell the Governor to cut government waste and preserve local control by supporting Florida House Bill 5305.



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