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I recently read that our state’s Department of Juvenile Justice is still overbilling Florida’s counties for juvenile detention costs.  What a mess!  This issue has been dragging on for years and local taxpayers are the ones who suffer the most.  When bureaucrats in Tallahassee overcharge local communities it shortchanges local tax cuts, local parks, local libraries and all the rest.

You’re my representative in Tallahassee and you’re our best hope.  

It’s time for lawmakers to step in and fix the billing problems once and for all. Simply split the burden 50/50 between the counties and state going forward and reimburse local taxpayers for years of overbilling.  It’s a commonsense solution to simple problem: Tallahassee just shouldn’t be overcharging local taxpayers!

Please step in and end DJJ’s overbilling.  

Thank you!

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