It’s almost Local Works Day and, at Keep It Local, Florida, we’re celebrating you.

Every year, we take a moment to celebrate Florida’s many cities, counties and towns and one of our country’s greatest notions: The idea of “local.” Government of you, by you, right next door to you.

Join us. Watch this year’s Local Works Day video. And share.


Go ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ of Hometown, Florida.

With Washington besieged by gridlock, it has fallen to Florida’s local communities to lead. Meet the people making it happen. From tackling homelessness and fighting gang violence to cutting red tape and making our parks bloom, the folks behind-the-scenes of local government don’t “shut down.” They remind us that our country still works, our people are still smart and innovative, and our toughest challenges can still be overcome with practical, commonsense solutions right here at home.

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