Did you see the new “Local Works Day” video? Last week, Floridians celebrated the simple idea that some of the best things in life are local. Food, locally grown. Businesses, locally owned. And communities, locally governed. Help “keep it local” by sharing this year’s video. Do you have ideas for next year’s video? Send them to us by clicking this link!

You voted, we counted. Here are the results: A startling 64 percent of respondents said state lawmakers did a “terrible” job last session. That’s probably due to the overwhelming 79 percent who said lawmakers “pushed most of the hard work off until next year.”

As for the issues that are most important to address next session, Medicaid Expansion came out on top, followed by Redistricting. Two-thirds of respondents couldn’t say what lawmakers should be most proud of, though the next highest category was “tax cuts” at 12 percent. A plurality of respondents thought legislators did an “OK” job protecting local control, though 38 percent thought they did a “terrible” job. We’ll let you know what we think next month in an exclusive Keep It Local, Florida Editorial. Check out the full results below and let us know if you have any ideas for new questions for the next poll by clicking here.



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