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The Holidays tend to remind us what matters most.  This year, Keep It Local, Floridais offering our readers the chance to connect with good causes that serve local families, all over the Sunshine State.  There are many deserving charities, but if you’re still hunting for the right one please click this link to learn about local families in your community that need your help.


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PANAMA CITY — State Rep. Matt Gaetz has backed off a proposal that would have diverted $3.6 million in local bed-tax revenues to the state each year.

Gaetz said a wide range of tourism officials throughout the state brought forth the most controversial aspects of the proposal, which had been circulated in bill form.

“There is no bill,” said Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach. “No bill has been filed by any member of the Legislature. What you are in possession of is a series of concepts that have not been introduced or considered or voted on. It came from a wide variety of stakeholders throughout Florida to optimize our tourism promotion.” Read more.



Voter turnouts in the low teens and single digits are not uncommon for municipal elections held in the spring.

Without national or state races on the ballot to draw voters, decisions about city council seats and routine municipal referendums are often decided by the few thousand people who bother to participate.

A proposal taking aim at the low voter turnout in municipal elections is being pushed by members of the House State Affairs Committee. It would force municipalities to hold their elections in November rather than in the spring, or force them to join together as one in the county where they are located and decide on a common date other than November. Read more.

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