What Comes After Election Day?


You spoke, we listened! Last month, we asked Keep It Local, Florida’s readers about the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC)—a 37-member body appointed to review and recommend changes to Florida’s constitution every twenty years.  With the elections about to wrap-up, the CRC is the “next big thing” in the world of Florida politics and public policy—and the CRC’s recommendations will appear on your ballot.


Bottom Line. While a plurality of Keep It Local respondents didn’t know about the CRC (48 percent say they know “nothing at all”), a super-majority (67 percent) acknowledge the process is “extremely important.”  Although development and environmental matters topped the list of issues our readers thought the CRC should focus on, “other” ranked #3—suggesting that the breadth of issues facing the CRC is likely to be considerable.  Readers are fairly split on whether or not the CRC should exert a light touch or undertake a major overhaul—with 55 percent favoring big changes.  Notably, over half of respondents said Keep It Local, Florida should devote “a fair amount of time” to bringing you news and alerts about the CRC and its work.

So, as important CRC events unfold, watch out for timely updates and opportunities to get involved from Keep It Local, Florida!

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