…if these bills ever make it into the law books, taxpayers will be stuck with the bill — a bill that would come with “severe negative fiscal impact” — nearly every time a holding pond, canal, or other similar public infrastructure needs to be moved, widened or even built. Taxpayers would be punished for allowing a utility or cable business to locate on public land.

Instead of the utility or cable television business — usually a private company — paying for its own relocation, local taxpayers would need to cover the cost. And, this is vital: Local taxpayers would need to pay the relocation costs even if they don’t use the services provided by that utility. So if you have, for example, satellite service for your television, no phone line at your house, or if a utility line runs through your county but those utility lines don’t provide service to your county — local taxpayers (not the ratepayers or utility customers) will still have to pay to move them.

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