Your legislators need to hear from you. This year, two big issues in Tallahassee threaten Florida’s local communities: Bureaucratic Overbilling and the Utility Cost-Shift. Every Floridian’s wallet is affected by these issues, so take a minute to learn more and Take Action!

The Issues



A Senate bill that shifts from utilities to local government the cost of moving power lines and other utilities in easements for roadway expansions passed a Senate committee on Monday despite opposition from local governments…

Under the legislation, utilities will be liable for relocation costs only if their lines and facilities are inside the right-of-way rather than in easements alongside or over a road, according to a Senate bill analysis.

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A few years ago, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) began overbilling local taxpayers for juvenile detention costs — just flat-out overcharging them. Imagine if your electric company or water utility did that to you, again and again. DJJ’s overbilling is the result of a bureaucratic mistake, not any policy or legal changes.

Consequently, Florida’s local communities are stuck overpaying millions for juvenile detention costs, shortchanging local parks, libraries or tax-cut packages in the name of bureaucratic waste.

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